Armenian Sausages (Soujouk)

Armenian Sausages (Soujouk)

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Soujouk are sausages that are usually bigger in  size than makanek. Soujouk are known to be an Armenian specialty ... so consequently spicy!. They are pan fried like makanek and served often with diced fresh tomatoes to soften the spicy notes. For a lighter version one can barbecue them, they are delicious with garlic sauce, when served in a not so healthy but delicious way is put them in a sandwich with mayonnaise and tomatoes. Absolutely to die for. ( literally)


  • 1 1/2 kg of soujouk
  • 2 juice of 1 lemon


Number of servings 4
Calories 331
Carbohydrates 3g
Protein 20g
Total Fat 26g
Of which saturated 9g
Cholesterol 88mg


Vitamin A


  • 1 Soujouk comes either in a sausage form (that will be cut in 2 lengthwise) or as minced meat.
  • 2 Fry in a pan on a medium heat, and it will lose its fat and cook in it.
  • 3 When cooked, season with lemon juice to taste.


To render the taste milder one can add mayonnaise to it in a sandwich, or garlic and pickles with slices of tomato.


Soujouk is salty and high in fat; Soujouk should be avoided for those following a low calorie diet and persons with high blood pressure; Soujouk can be cooked on the bbq instead of being fried in its own fat.


  • نور العيون عمر said on March 09, 2013
    روعه بس انا بعملها بالدبس
  • ميكى ماوس said on November 05, 2012
    هناك طريقة اخرى لعمل السجق وهى تقطيع السجق الى حلقات وتشويحه مع شراتح البصل والفلفل ومكعبات الطماطم ويترك لدقائق حتى النضج ويفضل تقديمه بهذا الشكل مع طبق المكرونة
  • ميكى ماوس said on November 05, 2012
    وصفة بسيطة وغير مكلفة ولا تستهلك وقت
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