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Chef Chadi Zeitouni
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As art touches our senses in a way or another, this particular art is proven to be the most sensual of all as it invade not one but four senses at a time. Admiring an original VAN GOGH, is no doubt an exceptional joy, but touching it will only bring you trouble. You can't reach the beauty of a photograph by tasting it or that of a symphony by smelling. Good food is created to implicate a journey of senses. Seen, smelled, touched and tasted food is meant to be appreciated on different levels.

Working Places:

Chef Chadi launched, with the best pasta factory in Lebanon, his own restaurant in kaslik, Alla Grande, that became not only the best, but also a unique place combining rich food quality, astonishing menu variation, a special friendly mood, etc.

Country Lebanon
Culinary Education Diploma in Hotel management, Chef di cucina in Trieste /Italy
Additional Information | a Short Biography Chef Chadi inherited his cooking talent from his parents who were the first to introduce him to the art of cooking. This had place during his teenage when he started working with both parents, Jacqueline & Emile, in their small authentic restaurant located in the mountain side of the beautiful Lebanese village, Kobayat. After graduating from high school, he traveled to Italy to acquire a degree as a professional chef. The reputable cooking school at Trieste was his first destination where he achieved study and earned a degree. Pursuing his studies, he received an honorary marketing and sales degree from the I.R.FO.P of Friuli Venezia Julia. Chef Chadi practiced for many years the art of the Cucina Italiana and the international kitchen, and he received accolades and awards for his culinary expertise, and was the Italian chef in the prestigious intercontinental hotel - Beirut. Chef Chadi was selected by mbc 1 TV channel among 35 chefs who competed in a live TV cooking show. Chadi is constantly traveling and presenting many important culinary events and was also selected to be the jury of the most important cooking competition around the Arabic gulf. Chadi`s funny character and interactive attitude while cooking made him a successful Arabic TV personality. Hosting cooking shows on the most watched Arabic TV channels, he proved a unique creativity, which added to his funny interpretation, gained all his shows an excellent vital mood of cooking. Chadi has three beautiful kids Michelle, Gayelle & Emile.
Quote | Moto As a culinary artist, I've witnessed chefs, masters of the art of food, producing dishes to comfort, energize and inspire people or even awake nostalgia sometimes, reminding them of dear old Mom. A talented chef can nourish the body and please the palate, leaving the guest satisfied yet eager for more. Of course, it is not a simple feat. Specialized training dedications, along with talent are the key ingredients of the success recipe. As much as visual artists need a good perception for color and composition, chefs need well developed senses of taste and smell. Great chefs recognize subtle nuances in flavors. This ability allows them to explore bold new flavors combinations and create successful mixtures. Truly successful chefs have put their own stamps on traditional dishes and created new combinations. Excellence though demands creativity and flair for experimentation which are the essential traits of top chefs.